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Day Dream

Soaring over a cloud forest — feat. Amit Inderdeo

Hello everyone –

Today, I want to share with you a simple cinematic meditation featuring peaceful music by artist Amit Inderdeo, who you might recognize from past posts, such as “Morning Waves” & “Through the Forest.”

"Day Dream" is meticulously crafted to create a harmonious blend of sound, each note resonating with purpose and emotion. As the pianos weave their gentle melodies, the bansuri adds a layer of depth and serenity, guiding you through a landscape where every moment is a gentle embrace of calm. This piece is perfect for those seeking a musical retreat, whether for meditation, introspection, or simply a momentary escape from life's distractions.

~ Amit Inderdeo

“Day Dream” was filmed in the same location as the cover art for my new book “Wild Wonder” – the Gifford Pinchot Nat’l Forest of southern Washington. Fog & low-lying clouds blanket the thick evergreen forest each morning, creating an enchanting effect as the sun rises and warms the wet landscape. All while Amit’s calming composition underscores the scene.

If you enjoy Amit’s music, be sure to check out his YouTube Channel, “A Peaceful Nuance.” His music is also streaming on most music platforms.


I was pleasantly overwhelmed last week by the incredibly positive response to the announcement about my new book “Wild Wonder”! I mean, seriously y’all… THANK YOU!!! So many of you have not only pre-ordered but also shared and spread the word! I am really grateful and blown away at the enthusiastic support!

And it seemed to make a difference, too. The morning after the big announcement, I received a message from my agent, Whitney: “ Fun to hit a best seller list :) ” And attached to that message were two screenshots.

So that was fun to wake up to!

Now I actually have no idea what that means in terms of numbers or sales… at least not yet. This entire book release process is completely new to me, and I’m honestly keeping my expectations low… or nonexistent. I’m just happy that I was given a chance to write it and to get it into the hands of all my friends & family. Anything beyond that is a bonus! But it’s still cool to see… especially when it’s only in the pre-order phase.

Speaking of pre-ordering the book, just a quick reminder about the exclusive gift offer! From now until the book’s release (September 3rd), when you pre-order from any retailer, go to and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. And I’ll send you two gifts: A collection of 10 Digital Wallpapers for your devices & an early access link (Apple Music & Spotify) to “Music for Wild Wonder”, which serves as a soundtrack for the book.

Pre-Order Wild Wonder


My piece “Nox Aurumque: Genesis” is still on display at The Salmagundi Club in NYC for two more days. In fact, tonight (June 27th) is the reception for the Open Photography Exhibit. I really wish I could be there in person, but it’s just not in the cards this time. Maybe one day.

But one of my best friends in the world, Jeremy Stanley, went to the gallery a few days ago and sent me these photos. Evidence that I’m not making this stuff up. 😉

But I was very surprised to see my photo printed out on a banner and hung on the outside of Salmagundi’s building! If you remember from the “Fine Art Photography” post, the graphic design team from Salmagundi decided to use my photo as the cover/banner art to represent this year’s exhibit. Which is just mind-blowing to me. Especially since submitting artwork to galleries and juried shows is brand new to me. Anyway, it’s on display now for all of New York to see. =)

All three pieces from the “Nox Aurumque” series are available as prints on my website, in case you are drawn to this photo and would like to have it on display in your home or office.

Shop Prints

Thanks again for your time and attention today. I hope this summer is treating you well so far.

Peace be with you,

Stephen Proctor

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