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If you’re into cinematic visuals featuring our beautiful planet, you’ve come to the right place. Capturing the Earth from an aerial perspective has been a growing focus of mine for years. Seeing through nature’s lens can invite a sense of calm & wonder to our frantic, chaotic lives. Having experienced this myself, my artistic passion has shifted towards filming & sharing these vast, expansive scenes in cinematic ways.

Each monthly newsletter will offer you three opportunities to experience nature & beauty in creative ways:

  • A 1-minute meditation featuring cinematic visuals & music. 60+ seconds of calm & wonder to interrupt your day, along with occasional invitations to enjoy & practice the same cinematic meditation in a longer format.

  • Music that moves me: every month, I will highlight a musical project that has inspired me lately. These will typically be instrumental or choral albums with a heavy emphasis on ambient & neoclassical genres.

  • A few words & thoughts to reflect on, usually based on visual metaphors I’ve picked up on while exploring various landscapes.

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This newsletter is also the best way to stay in the loop about new projects & exciting announcements I’ll have in the days ahead. Stuff like: new releases of drone footage on my stock licensing site – product releases such as prints, digital wallpapers, etc. – & updates on my new photo-book, releasing Summer 2024 with Penguin Random House!

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Hello! I'm Stephen Proctor, & welcome to my Substack! Each month, I hope to bring a little bit of calm & wonder to your inbox with a 1-minute meditation feat. cinematic landscapes & music, as well as any news & updates concerning my work.


stephen proctor

visual artist, landscape cinematographer, aerial photographer, licensed drone pilot, projection mapper/VJ, & cabin dweller in the PNW.